"It was through a routine mammogram that my early stage breast cancer was detected in 2012. I am a proud and thankful cancer survivor, and I want to raise awareness of the benefits of support networks." - Elizabeth Gillett

Elizabeth's onocologist recommended Share to her. Through Share she met a survivor who was instrumental in helping her cope and endure the challenges ahead, talking over the concerns and making everything seem normal and manageable. After her recovery, Elizabeth hosted a designer talk at the New York Share office and demonstrated scarf styling tricks she used through her treatment that made her feel put together, comfortable and beautiful



How SHARE Helps

SHARE is a 40-year-old survivor-led organization that provides support, information, and resources to women affected by breast and ovarian cancers. Its mission is to help women and their families address the emotional and practical issues that arise from a cancer diagnosis and to provide the support these women need to feel less isolated, better informed, and more empowered as health care consumers. More than 55,000 times each year, SHARE programs touch women and men affected by breast or ovarian cancer, as well as members of the general public.

Information - If you have been diagnosed or are living with breast or ovarian cancer, we have all the information you need to know including symptoms, treatments and more.

Helpline - Speak with a survivor or caregiver who has been there. We can talk with you about treatments, answer your questions, help you make informed decisions or simply listen.

Support Groups - Breast and ovarian cancer is a journey of many stages and no matter where you are in that journey, we can help. Join our support group and be a part of our family.